Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where, why, and why now?

I'm sorry.
For so many months, this blog was a way for me to express myself and to seek the support of others who really understood where I was at. But I was exposed, and I panicked. The day after we received our beta results, I had a very distant acquaintance contact me trying to gather information...and so I shut down. Nobody knew of our struggles, and most importantly nobody knew that we were barely pregnant. And after all we had gone through to have a baby, I wanted to have a special moment sharing this with my family and friends...and so, I stopped blogging.
Where we are at: Well, mid-October we had 2 beautiful blasts transferred, which resulted in a positive beta. A few short weeks after that we had our first ultrasound which showed 1 beautiful baby with a strong heartbeat. But we all know that isn't the end of the story. For so many women out there, a positive pregnancy test means the world to me, it was life changing and also increased my anxiety ten fold. Now I actually had something tangible I could lose. Up to this point I had NEVER been pregnant...but now it was real. So I sat on pins and needles praying and praying every day that this little one would stick around and join our family. Our 11 week ultrasound once again showed a well developing little one, even a few days ahead of schedule! With our 12 week mark being exactly christmas day, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to share with our family. So we did. It was such a special I will never forget. And slowly I started the process of telling the rest of my family and friends.
I am happy to say that we are into our third trimester and have not had 1 scare - things are moving right on schedule. We have decided not to find out what we are having...we need 1 surprise! And we are praying our little one makes it's safe arrival in July.
I wanted to update this blog so that I could comment on blogs again. I haven't forgotten the support I received...and I also haven't forgotten to pray for all of those out there still waiting for their miracle. I know my story is far from is just entering a chapter that I, at times, thought I would never get to.
Looking forward to reading how each of our stories are continuing to develop and change.


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I'm SO Happy You Posted!!! And with Wonderful News too:) Huge Congrats to you both!!!

I can understand panicking.. if some distant person I knew contacted me & started asking questions when they did.

I also wasn't relaxed after I got pregnant.. in fact I can't even remember excatly "HOW Many" Hpt's I took.. Even after my beta's.LOL I was scared of something going wrong, since I also had never been pregnant and what it took to finally get me that way. I haven't posted very much on my on blog compared to some others since becoming pregnant. But try to comment on others blogs when I can.

I'm just so overjoyed to hear from you!!! YAY!! WE both are having Summer babies:)

God is so Good!!!


Brittney said...

Oh, it is SOO wonderful to hear from you!!! And I am thrilled for your incredible news! Yes, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and your husband.

I also have been anxiety-ridden throughout the past eight months, and had a few scares during that time. But my incredible, wise sister kept telling me that against all odds this little one was a fighter - he was here - and to always keep that in my heart no matter what. This knowledge helped keep hope alive for me in tough times.

I wish you all the best through the rest of your pregnancy. Your precious little boy or girl is going to be very lucky to have you as a Mom:)

Brittney said...

Hi there again, I have an award for you on my blog:)

Beckie's Infertile said...

Hey! Found my way over here from Brittney's blog.

Congrats! That is super exciting for you guys!!!

Your blog title reminded me of:

While I'm Waiting by John Waller

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to reading more in your blog!

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